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现代隧道技术 2023, Vol. 60 Issue (1) :241-248    DOI:
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(1. 新疆北新路桥集团股份有限公司,乌鲁木齐 830002;2. 中南大学土木工程学院,长沙 410075;3. 云南省交通规划设计研究院有限公司,昆明 650011)
Construction Technology for the Shallow Twin-tube Six-lane Multi-arch Tunnel without Middle Drift under Large Unsymmetrical Loading
(1. Xinjiang Beixin Road & Bridge Group Co., Ltd., Urumqi 830002; 2. School of Civil Engineering, Central South University,Changsha 410075; 3. Yunnan Institute of Transportation Planning and Design, Kunming 650011)
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摘要 云南省国家高速公路网G56楚雄(广通)至大理高速公路扩容工程金山隧道为六车道无中导洞连拱隧道。隧道侧穿岩层破碎的陡峭山坡,全隧道均为浅埋大偏压地形,且侧下方临近既有高速公路和乡道。隧道进口洞口段偏压尤为严重,存在大范围负埋深段落。为保证金山隧道进口进洞施工顺利开展,避免山体扰动影响既有公路运营,从隧道结构、山体加固及开挖施工等方面提出综合技术方案:(1)隧道洞口负埋深段以桩基承台+薄壁耳墙结构提供外侧竖向基础及横向支撑,抵抗山体偏压作用;(2)上部锚索与下部钢管桩加固方式增强洞口坡体横向稳定性;(3)隧道洞口实施半明半暗盖挖施工,减小围岩扰动。金山隧道进口进洞方案现场成功实施,不仅为全线按计划顺利通车创造了良好条件,还为大偏压大跨度无中导洞连拱隧道洞口段施工积累了工程经验。
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王明江 1 慈新航 2 陈俊武 3 朱长江 1 杨 峰 2
关键词大偏压   无中导洞连拱隧道   进洞施工技术   桩基承台   薄壁耳墙   上锚下支     
Abstract: The Jinshan Tunnel of the Chuxiong (Guangtong)-Dali Expressway Expansion Project of Yunnan Nation? al Expressway Network of G56 is a six-lane multi-arch tunnel without middle drift. The tunnel passes laterally through the steep slope with a broken rock stratum. The whole tunnel is of shallow-buried large unsymmetrical loading terrain, and the lower part of the side is close to the existing expressway and township road. The unsymmetrical loading of the portal section at the entrance of the tunnel is particularly serious, and there is a large range of sections with negative burial depth. In order to smoothly carry out the entrance construction of Jinshan Tunnel and avoid the influence of mountain disturbance on the operation of existing highways, a comprehensive technical scheme is put forward from the aspects of tunnel structure, mountain reinforcement and excavation construction: (1) The buried depth section of the tunnel portal is provided with pile cap + thin-walled ear wall structure to provide an external vertical foundation and lateral support to resist the unsymmetrical loading of the mountain. (2) The reinforcement of the upper anchor cable and the lower steel pipe pile enhances the lateral stability of the portal slope; (3) The tunnel portal is constructed by half-open cover cut method to reduce the disturbance of surrounding rocks. The successful implementation of the entrance scheme of Jinshan Tunnel on site not only creates good conditions for the smooth opening of the whole line as planned but also accumulates engineering experience for the construction of the portal section of the large-span multi-arch tunnel without middle drift under large unsymmetrical loading.
KeywordsLarge unsymmetrical loading,   Multi-arch tunnel without middle drift,   Construction technology of tunnel? ing,   Pile cap,   Thin-walled ear wall,   Upper anchor and lower support     
作者简介: 王明江(1973-),男,正高级工程师,主要从事隧道、桥梁工程施工与管理工作,E-mail: 940218391@qq.com.
王明江 1 慈新航 2 陈俊武 3 朱长江 1 杨 峰 2 .浅埋大偏压双洞六车道无中导洞连拱隧道进洞施工技术[J]  现代隧道技术, 2023,V60(1): 241-248
WANG Mingjiang1 CI Xinhang2 CHEN Junwu3 ZHU Changjiang1 YANG Feng2 .Construction Technology for the Shallow Twin-tube Six-lane Multi-arch Tunnel without Middle Drift under Large Unsymmetrical Loading[J]  MODERN TUNNELLING TECHNOLOGY, 2023,V60(1): 241-248
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