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现代隧道技术 2013, Vol. 50 Issue (4) :42-49    DOI:
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(1  中国铁道科学研究院,北京  100081;2  中铁西南科学研究院有限公司 ,成都  611731)
Study of Continuous-Belt Conveyor Mucking Technology
During Tunnel Construction
(1  China Academy of Railway Sciences, Beijing  100081;
2  China Railway Southwest Research Institute Co. Ltd, Chengdu  611731)
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摘要 文章针对隧道传统的出碴方式和运输设备存在的问题和不足,通过对隧道不同施工方法的出碴运输技术的调研和分析,同时经过对该技术及其配套设备的研究,提出了适用于钻爆法施工的新型连续皮带机出碴模式,以及实现各种类型隧道连续皮带机出碴方案设计和设备选型配置。研究表明,在技术经济效益方面,采用连续皮带机出碴方式的综合效益远高于传统的运输方式;在低碳环保方面,该技术将成为隧道工程建设中发展低碳经济和环境保护的重要途经,特别适用于长大隧道和高原隧道的工程建设。
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关键词 隧道施工      皮带出碴系统      应用与设计     
Abstract:  Considering the problems and shortcomings of conventional mucking modes and conveyor equipment during tunnel construction, this paper puts forward a new mode of continuous-belt conveyor mucking suitable for D&B tunnels as well as various design and equipment selection options adapted to different types of tunnels. This new method is based on the analysis and comparison of mucking and conveying technologies among different tunnel construction methods as well as the study of continuous-belt mucking technology and its equipment. The study shows that more comprehensive benefits could be obtained by continuous-belt conveyor mucking technology than that of the conventional method in terms of technology and economy. Furthermore, it is an important way for continuous mucking technology to achieve the goals of low-carbon economy and environmental protection during tunnel construction, especially for extra-long or plateau tunnels.
Keywords Tunnel construction,   Continuous-belt conveyor mucking system,   Application and design     
出版日期: 2012-11-27
作者简介: 作者简介:孙亚婷(1982- ),女,工程师,主要从事隧道防灾减灾的科研工作,E-mail:ttplum_999@163.com
.隧道连续皮带机出碴施工技术研究[J]  现代隧道技术, 2013,V50(4): 42-49
.Study of Continuous-Belt Conveyor Mucking Technology
During Tunnel Construction[J]  MODERN TUNNELLING TECHNOLOGY, 2013,V50(4): 42-49
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